VR & 360°

We create virtual reality

Enter the digital environment using a VR set.

VR applications

They are like PC games; the player can move within the digital environment or touch surrounding objects using the controllers.

360° Videos

Spherical videos. The viewer stands at the centre of digital environment, choosing where to look by turning their head.

What we can do

In Motionhouse we're able to create complex VR applications or 360° videos, from the concept all the way to the final product.

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Martin Hasilík, Authentica

"Motionhouse was able to create a great VR app for an important conference, even in a very short amount of time. Since then we've been working with them on several other VR projects."

Michal Samir, Room One Films

“Motionhouse created a 360 video including 3D design of a challenging environment. The final result surpassed our as well as the client's expectations.


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